Gunnebo SafeCash Retail Deposit

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BASMA has planned to implement the SafeCash Retail Deposit High-Speed from GUNNEBO Cash Deposit Solutions as it's the ultimate cash-handling deposit system for medium- and large-sized retail businesses handling large amounts of cash. 

Deposit speed

Deposit of up to 1000 notes per transaction in different bundles and up to 12kg of coins which are then instantly recorded and counted.

Cash management and monitoring

The real-time cash level of each safe can be tracked using Gunnebo’s web-based monitoring software, CashControl.


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In order to minimize printing costs and bring about a change in the way Printing & Scanning is done, we, at BASMA have decided to start implementing the KNM software for our Kyocera machines.

KYOCERA Net Manager (KNM) is a server-based application that streamlines and secures your document management. The embedded Print&FollowTM application increases printer efficiency and speeds up the printing process: instead of sending a document to a given device, users send it to the KYOCERA Net Manager server that all the devices in the office can access. The document can then be printed from any free device. This helps reduce printing queues and increases the overall security of documents, as the device does not release the document until the sender has logged in and selected it for printing.

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BASMA, as a company, has been a leading provider of various Office Automation and IT solutions since 1977, it then diverted its services into other fields of Fire & Safety, Travel Agency, Cleaning & Janitorial services etc. The people here have been passionate enough to maintain the Company's goal and vision for the past 40 years. A good relationship is maintained with every customer and their needs and requirements are fulfilled with a sincere effort. 

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